Strength through sustainability.

With support from The JPB Foundation and expertise from Southface, nonprofits around the nation are benefiting from going green.

Energy & Water Efficiency Program
Boys & Girls Club of America
Energy & Water Efficiency Program

Working together to save energy, water and money.

Building on its passion for nonprofits, Southface has partnered with organizations like Boys and Girls Club of America and Feeding America to develop an energy and water efficiency program for the national nonprofit and foundation community. Ultimately, the Nonprofit Energy & Water Efficiency Initiative (NEWE) will strengthen nonprofit organizations by providing a path to reduce annual utilities cost and improve conditions in existing facilities so that those dollars may be redirected to their mission.


Learn more about the strategic energy and water efficiency projects our participants have implemented to
reduce their annual utilities cost and free more dollars for programs and services!

Boys & Girls Clubs of Broward County

Ft. Lauderdale, FL – The William E. Slaughter Unit of the Levine Campus recently completed installation of new indoor and outdoor (bi-level) LED lighting and controls, new HVAC controls, and vending machine controls.

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I wanted to take a moment to thank you and Boys & Girls of America Team for allowing the Rick & Rick Case Unit to be part of such an incredible grant. Not only has the grant allowed our facility to become more energy efficient, but it has provided a safer environment for our club members, parents and staff. The new lights outside allow us to see who is at the front door, where before the lights were dim , now they are nice and bright. The new lamps in the parking lot allow for all to walk to their car safely at night.

Thank you for your time and the opportunity to work alongside you and the awesome team!

Karla Zamora – Club Director
Rick & Rita Case Boys & Girls Club

This is great! I can’t tell you what it means to save hundreds of dollars per month. To paint a more vivid picture for you than just numbers, a donor to our organization can sponsor a low-income child for $350 for an entire year of service. Thank you all for your help with this project! It won’t just impact our organization. It will also impact real kids with real needs. What else is more important?

Walter “J.R.” Davis – Executive Director
Boys & Girls Clubs of Northwest Georgia

I took your advice and looked over the website that contains the Energy Star Portfolio Manager. I have never heard of the system before but I am optimistic that we could use it to help us whether we are funded or not to help us track energy costs and potentially save some dollars.

Hank Hill – Chief Professional Officer
Boys & Girls Clubs of the Cumberland Plateau

Thanks Thanks Thanks for the new lighting. It’s a huge improvement. I love the fact when we are not using an area the lights turn off so we can save on our electric bill. I can see how we are going to save thousands over the years. The members are really loving the change. They are truly excited about the entire process.

Andre London – Club Director
The Salvation Army Fuqua Boys & Girls Club

This is incredible! Loudon County about to enter the 21st century!

Shawn Snyder – Executive Director
Lenoir city Boys & Girls Club

This will be transformational for our club!

Robbie Slocumb – Chief Professional Officer
Boys & Girls Clubs of Gordon, Murray, and Whitfield Counties

We will save money on our electricity, our water and our gas and then put that money straight towards programs for our kids.

Kim Turner – Vice President of Development
Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Alabama

The average $1,000 monthly savings on utility costs at our Fuqua Boys and Girls Club will allow us to serve a dozen additional children each year. Plus, our boys and girls engaged in the project and learned about saving energy and water, recycling and other green measures.

Leisa Smith – Executive Director
Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club of Metro Atlanta

We’re grateful to have the expertise and partnership of Southface to help our Clubs around the country to realize cost savings through energy efficiency. Most importantly, our participating Clubs will be able to reduce costs in energy to better serve our members while teaching kids and teens the importance of energy and water savings.

Jim Clark
President and CEO of BGCA

The people we impact is always on our mind, but the work with BGCA has put a new face on energy efficiency. Every dollar Boys & Girls Clubs save on utility costs allows them to serve more kids and teens each year.

Dennis Creech
Executive Director of Southface


Battle of the Buildings

The ENERGY STAR® Battle of the Buildings is an annual competition that challenges building owners and managers to reduce energy and water use, and save money, over a one-year period.

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Watch Atlanta & Boston energy teams swap cities to uncover energy savings at each other’s buildings: #saveenergy

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Explore the top energy and water efficiency strategies we recommend for reducing your annual utilities cost!

Toolkit: Demand-Controlled Ventilation

CO2 sensors control fresh air supply, delivering the right amount of air based on the number of occupants present, preventing heating and cooling of excess outside air.

Toolkit: Locker Room Upgrades

There are several ways to save energy and water used in locker rooms and restrooms.

Toolkit: Web-Based Programmable Thermostats

With Web-based thermostats, clubs can control HVAC system schedules and temperature setpoints from the Internet or smart phone!