Working together to save energy, water and money.

Building on its passion for nonprofits, Southface has partnered with Boys and Girls Club of America and Feeding America to develop an energy and water efficiency program for the national nonprofit and foundation community. Ultimately, the Nonprofit Energy & Water Efficiency Initiative (NEWE) will strengthen nonprofit organizations by providing a path to reduce annual utilities cost and improve conditions in existing facilities so that those dollars may be redirected to their mission.


Learn more about the strategic energy and water efficiency projects our participants have implemented to
reduce their annual utilities cost and free more dollars for programs and services!

A.G. Gaston Boys & Girls Club – Kirkwood Balton Unit

Birmingham, AL – The Kirkwood Balton Unit has a heated indoor pool. By installing a pool cover and repairing leaks in their pool and ball-field irrigation system, along with installation of Internet-based thermostats, the club has significantly reduced both energy and water use and cost.

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AG Gaston

Participating Boys and Girls Clubs around America

Scroll along this interactive map to view Boys and Girls Clubs across the country who were recipients of the Nonprofit Energy and Water Efficiency Initiative. Click on the pins to view specific information such as locations, dates and data.

Battle of the Buildings

The ENERGY STAR® Battle of the Buildings is an annual competition that challenges building owners and managers to reduce energy and water use, and save money, over a one-year period.


Explore the top energy and water efficiency strategies we recommend for reducing your annual utilities cost!

Toolkit: Demand-Controlled Ventilation

CO2 sensors control fresh air supply, delivering the right amount of air based on the number of occupants present, preventing heating and cooling of excess outside air.

Toolkit: Locker Room Upgrades

There are several ways to save energy and water used in locker rooms and restrooms.

Toolkit: Web-Based Programmable Thermostats

With Web-based thermostats, clubs can control HVAC system schedules and temperature setpoints from the Internet or smart phone!

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Energy & Water Efficiency Program