Explore the top energy and water efficiency strategies we recommend for reducing your annual utilities cost!

Toolkit: Demand-Controlled Ventilation

CO2 sensors control fresh air supply, delivering the right amount of air based on the number of occupants present, preventing heating and cooling of excess outside air.

Toolkit: Locker Room Upgrades

There are several ways to save energy and water used in locker rooms and restrooms.

Toolkit: Web-Based Programmable Thermostats

With Web-based thermostats, clubs can control HVAC system schedules and temperature setpoints from the Internet or smart phone!

Toolkit: Water Bottle Refill Station

Water bottle refill stations provide filtered drinking water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water and reduce the amount of waste we send to the landfill.

Toolkit: Pool Blanket

Pool blankets float on the surface of heated indoor pools when not in use, significantly reducing losses of energy and water.

Toolkit: Gym Lighting

LED gymnasium lighting uses half as much energy as metal halide lighting, turning on in an instant. Additional advantages are that it is fully dimmable for special events and ceremonies, and can accommodate vacancy controls to turn it off when the gym is unoccupied.

Toolkit: Restroom Water Efficiency

Low-flow fixtures use far less water than standard efficiency fixtures. Learn about the different types here.

Toolkit: Rainwater Harvesting

Learn more about how the club is collecting and storing rainwater to use on their vegetable garden.

Toolkit: Variable-Speed Fan Systems

Variable speed drives allow for slowing down fan and pump motors when lower flow rates will meet heating and cooling loads while using far less energy. In fan systems, lower air flow rates can also reduce noise levels.

Toolkit: Outdoor LED Lighting

Outdoor LED fixtures, in conjunction with the integral occupancy controls, can reduce annual outdoor lighting energy use by up to 85% while improving lighting quality and reliability

Toolkit: Recycling Program

Recycling is a great way to involve your entire club in saving energy and protecting our environment.

Toolkit: Vending Machine Controls

Occupancy-based vending machine controls can reduce vending machines energy use during unoccupied periods.

Toolkit: Spray Foam Insulation

For buildings with a vented attic, spray foam insulation can be installed on the underside of the roof deck and at gable ends, thereby sealing and insulating the attic, and reducing heating and cooling losses in HVAC systems located in the attic.